Sunday, August 30, 2009

In My Mailbox *8*

Created by The Story Siren who was inspired by Alea.

This week I only got one book, but I also got some awesome The Hollow swag! The swag included a The Hollow postcard, a Sleepy Hollow postcard signed by Jessica Verday, and a couple of stickers! I was really excited when this showed up, I am really excited for The Hollow!

The Vixen Manual by Karrine Steffans
(Hardcover) Courtesy of Wendy's Minding Spot

From Amazon:

Since she exploded on the scene with her two juicy and impossible-to-put-down tell-alls, readers have wanted to know even more about what makes Karrine Steffans tick. How was she able to meet all the high profile politicians, movie stars, and other celebrities that are her close acquaintances? What skills does she possess to keep men wanting more? Finally, Karrine lays it all out and explains exactly what a woman must do to win over the man of her dreams. With chapters like "Never Let Him See You Sweat,""Flirting,""Encouraging His Manhood," and "Give Him What He Wants," this hot and sexy manual is a must-have for every woman's bookshelf.

What was in your mailbox?


  1. Good heavens! A naughty cover on that one! My prudish eyes!


  2. Sounds a little bit scandalous, but fun. Happy reading

  3. Looks like a naughty read and a yowza sexy cover. I cannot wait to see your review on it.

  4. Yep, that is a very sexy cover. Hope you enjoy your read! :)

  5. Quite a bit different than last week's Hush, Hush, huh? :)

  6. Interesting! have fun!
    My In My Mailbox is up Here

  7. It really does sound scandalous!

    And yes, it is quite a bit different since last week's Hush, Hush. lol.


  8. Whenever I first saw the cover I thought its Ciara's biography since the model looks a bit like her. You can never get enough of the how to books.

  9. Well, happy reading!


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