Sunday, October 11, 2009

In My Mailbox *14*

Created by The Story Siren who was inspired by Alea.
This week I got 3 books and an audiobook! This will be my first attempt at an audiobook since Freshman Honors English...I hope this goes better than The Red Badge of Courage did. Ah, I'm sure it will, it is Hush, Hush after all. And my MOM is even going to give it a listen!

For Review:
Crossroads by Steven Nedelton
The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet by Erin Dionne

Willow by Julia Hoban (SIGNED!!) (Contest at Bookworming in the 21st Century, Thanks Kristen)
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (audiobook) (Twitter contest by @HushHushFan who runs Fallen Archangel, A Hush, Hush fansite)

Now, the books in the picture above I actually got last month(ish) from Kristi's wonderful Books for Grabs, and kinda forgot about including them until the other night, so I thought I would include them this week in there own pretty picture. And yes you do see a dog butt and another dog's head above them. Those are just two of my babies!

From Kristi, The fantastic Story Siren:
Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis
Karma for Beginners by Jessica Blank
If the Witness Lied by Caroline B. Cooney

From Yan, The awesome Books By Their Cover:
The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones
Rumors: A Luxe Novel by Anna Godberson

That's what was in my mailbox, what was in yours?


  1. Lots of fun stuff... I'm curious to see what you think of The Tear Collector...

  2. Wow very cool books this week. Hush,Hush was amazing and I really want to read Willow. I can't wait for your reviews. Enjoy!

  3. Oh wow! I want Willow so badly! If you don't like it, I'll take it. lol. Karma for Beginners, Rumors, and The Tear Collector are all on my wishlist as well. Happy reading!


  4. Great books you got this week. They all look really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

  5. That looks like a really great haul. I'm definitely going to pick up Willow when I can, it sounds really good.

  6. You havn't read willow yet!?! Shame... LOl ;)
    It's amazing.

  7. so jealous i want to read willow!


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