Sunday, September 13, 2009

In My Mailbox *10*

Created by The Story Siren who was inspired by Alea.
So I only actually recieved one book in the mail this week, but since I kept putting off doing the half of my post that features the books I bought last week, I am going to tack it on here! So here we go!
In the mail:


I got for only $3!

I have the first book and I have the companion book, so I am tryinf to get them all so I can finally read them!

I love her! I have read this one before, but I didn't have a copy yet.

As you guys saw, I just got Forest Born a couple weeks ago, so I am trying to collect the others so I can read them all!

I used to love this books (and the movie version on like PBS) when I was little, so when I found a copy for 75 cents, I just couldn't resist!


  1. Ooh, Looking for Alaska is meant to be really good, I look forward to your review! Following your blog now so I should be kept up to date! ;)
    Also love Sarah Dessen and would love to read something by Francesca Lia Block, her books sounds interesting too!
    Happy reading and reviewing! :)

  2. You had some great books this week. Looking for Alaska is amazing. I love John Green.

  3. Awesome books! I want them all :D
    happy reading!

  4. Ooo. Lots of good ones this week! Enjoy The Looking Glass Wars! I love that book!

  5. Great haul this week! I'm jealous of Liar, I've heard great things about it. Enjoy your books

  6. I Was A Teenage Fairy sounds pretty good. I hadn't actually heard of it before but I just checked out a summary and it's going on the wishlist! Looking For Alaska is actually one of my all-time favourites too. Great week!

  7. Looking for Alaska is amazing! hope you enjoy it!


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