Friday, September 11, 2009

Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness

Author: Kaza Kingsley
Category: Fantasy
Release Date: April 7, 2009
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

When I started the second book in the Erec Rex series, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. There were all kinds of things I already knew should happen, things I wanted to see happen, but there were some things I really didn’t see coming.

It’s been a month since the contests ended and Erec has spent that month in “Upper Earth” recuperating with his family, at least until he receives a letter from his friend, Bethany, that says he must return to Alyphium and begin the quests - or he will forfeit his rights to be king. And with the Stain brothers and Rock Rayson gunning for becoming the next kings, Erec cannot have that happen.

Erec returns unaware of what how public opinion views him, King Piter, and the events that happened the month before. The public believes that Erec is an imposter, that he tricked the Lia Fail, and that the three other boys are the rightful winners of the contests. Erec also returns with the internal debate of whether he can handle the scepter or if the power of the scepter will destroy him.

There are many twists and adventures that Erec encounters, some planned, some not. The quests are deadly and terrifying, but as Erec continues them he learns more and more about himself and about the magical world he has entered. There’s also the matter of all the baby dragons have gone missing and finding them in time to save them and finding out who has taken them.

Erec also has to delve into The Substance, the very thing that holds their world together, the very magic that encompasses their entire lives. There is something about this world that Erec is drawn into that just seems to encapsulate the reader’s attention. The creatures, the people, the places all seem like something straight out of the imagination of someone that’s read too many fairy tales, but that’s because they basically are. And it’s a good thing!

This book could possibly stand on its own, because Ms. Kingsley does seem to go back and do a bit of a recap about things, which I see as a good thing especially for someone that doesn’t go into reading the book directly after the first one.

Along with the adventures, there is still plenty of humor and the characters are taken deeper with this book. I have now officially found myself involved in another series that is going to keep me waiting for the next book. It’s easy to become involved with the story and care about the characters, I even found myself beginning to tear up at a few parts.

There is something for everyone within this book, whether it’s adventure, family, friendship, amusement, or just a story you can get lost in. Most of the time, the second book in a series lacks from the first, and while this one does a little, it doesn’t disappoint and still left me wanting more. I found myself with more questions than I started with and most of them were different questions!

So while I did get some questions answered, there were a lot that I was left with. There are six more books slated for the series, so there is plenty of time to get my questions answered! And I can’t wait to find these answers. There is so much good about this series so far, that I already know I will spend the next few years involved in these characters - and I can’t wait!

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