Saturday, July 4, 2009

Update! And just randomness!

Hey guys!
Well I know I promised a review of WInter Wood by Steven Augaurde, but that's not going to happen. I tried, I mean I REALLY tried with this book, but I just couldn't do it. It's not that it was badly written (it was actually written quite well) or anything, it was just the story itself. I couldn't read it. I think I made it like page 62-ish, but I couldn't make it past that. I didn't know it was the THIRD book in a trilogy I'd never heard of before, let along read, or whether it's because I couldn't grasps what these chacters had to do with one another. Either way, this is NOT a stand alone book at all. I was so bored and confused by the time I made it as far as I did that I simply couldn't go on, and that my friends' is somehting I haven't done since school (The Red Badge of Courage and The Scarlett Letter were the only two books this has EVER happened with). But not to worry!

I did however mange to finish Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers in about two hours last night and got the review written and sent into TRT and once that is posted there, I will also post it here. I was planning on starting Freaky Monday by Mary Rodgers & Heather Hach today, but it wasn't such a great day for me personally, so I will start it tomorrow. I should start posting more now, so that's good! I still don't think I will post every single day, but I will try to post much more often than I have been.

Now I pose a question for all you lovelies! How do you simply waste you time? I don't mean reading and the like, I mean to you play meaningless video games or anything like that. If so what do you play?

Personally, I play Free Realms

I am Loreli Moonbeam in game.

And I've also been spending quite a bit of time on ourWorld.
That is me! And if you guys click there and sign up and play, it helps me out too! (You know you want too, and thanks in advance)!

So those are a couple ways I waste my time, her lately it's been on ourWorld, but yea. And don't worry, both game are family friendly and have mods to make sure they stay that way. It's just fun and wa time waster. So.
How do you waste your time?


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  1. Neopets, twitter, stumbling... You'd know, lol, you've seen me waste alot of time. :P


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