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Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming Soon: CSN Stores Review!

As you guys may know, I absolutely LOVE (in big bold, capital letters) CSN Stores. I can spend hours on end going through all 200+ stores they have, and find everything from a new stool to stuff for my kitty to stuff that I just plain don't really need, but totally want.
Who's cat wouldn't want to play on this?!?
So pretty!!

CSNStores.com has so many different things at such affordable prices that it's hard pick just one thing. I was recently contacted to review another one of their awesome products. I've already spent forever going through their sites and I think I've got it narrowed down a little bit. I was thinking a new bookcase was in order, but saying that I can't really fit another one and I've still got one I need to put together, that idea went out the window. But I was able to think of something I do really need...

See, I love to sew. I find it to be something fun and really relaxing, but my sewing machine is one that my grandmother gave me and so you can probably guess it's a little on the older side. So I'm thinking about putting it towards a new sewing machine or maybe a serger, if I can swing it.

I'm still looking and trying to decide what I want, but look for a review coming soon!