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Sunday, June 28, 2009

In My Mailbox

Hey guys! I'm probably not going to do this every week, that is unless I get something every week. But anyways, since this is my first one, I am going to include the books I've gotten lately! So here we go...
  • Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
  • Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley
  • Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen
  • Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers
  • Freaky Monday by Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach
  • The Young City by James Bow
  • Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley
  • Erec Rex: The Monsters of Otherness by Kaza Kingsley
  • Erec Rex: The Search for Truth by Kaza Kingsley
  • Winter Wood by Steve Augaurde

Okay so that's what I've gotten lately, which basically means that's the stuff I've recieved in the last 3 to 4 weeks. Right now I am TRYING to read Winter Wood, but what I didn't know before I got it was that it is the third in a series that I had never even heard of, much less read before. It's confusing, and I'm having a major issue getting into it, but I am trying. Anyways, as long as time permitting, I will have the review for it up, as soon as I can. I am really hoping that it gets better as I go, so wish me luck! Later guys!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

Author: Carrie Ryan
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Category: Paranormal/Fantasy
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Mary lives in a world that is set in stone; there are things you just know and things that you just shouldn’t wonder about. Some things are simple, true, and have been for as long as anyone knows:
1. The Guardians will always protect
2. The Sisterhood is always right.
3. The Unconsecrated are always there, and always trying to break through.

Mary has spent her entire life surrounded by these infected shells of people, some of which were her friends, family, neighbors, etc. They attack the fences, crave human flesh, and moan the most chilling sound you’ve ever heard. Think of every zombie movie you’ve ever saw, and combine all those creepy figures into one and that’s the image that goes through my mind when I think of the Unconsecrated. Now imagine living in a lone village, smack in the middle of a forest that is full of these “people” with only chain link fences and the armed Guardians to protect you. This is Mary’s life.

The Sisterhood controls the knowledge; they control what everyone else knows about the world outside the fence, and what everyone doesn’t know. Mary dreams of life outside the fence, of life at the other end of the gate that leads to the path, the only path that leads to and from the village, the path that no one has ever been allowed to go down. Slowly everything Mary has ever known starts falling apart one by one; the Sisterhood has secrets and Mary learns things that she was never supposed to know.

One day the fences are breached, the Unconsecrated descend upon the village, upon the only lives these people have ever known. The village is in chaos, there’s only one safe place to go, and it’s forbidden. Now Mary has some choices to make: Will she stay in her village and fight for it or will she save herself and the people she can and take the path? Will she choose the one she loves or the one that loves her? Will she find out if there is life outside a village and a forest that is surrounded by so much death and constant danger?

This is such an amazing book! I am having trouble putting how much I actually love this book into words outside of a fangirl scream “OMG”! I am also tickled purple (not pink, pink is too girly and not exciting enough!) to find out from Carrieryan.com that there is not only a sequel called The Tossed-Dead Waves that will come out Spring of 2010, but there will be a THIRD (!!!!!!) book that will come out Spring of 2011. And the possibility of a movie, because Seven Star Pictures (which is a new company, but they are doing K-11, with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed), and it is listed on their website as an “Upcoming Film”. This is such an amazing read, as I have already said, but it chilling, gripping, it has just enough romance to satisfy someone, without overwhelming the horror, and the hope that the story employs. It’s such a dark and terrifying tale, but at the same time it’s extremely beautiful and hopeful; and that mix is just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update, Knowing, and Up!

Hey guys!

It's been a little over a week or so since I posted my review on Bloodhound, and I know I haven't been around much, but in that time I have been keeping busy (sorry nothing majorly blog worthy, i.e. working, then got sick, then caught up on some BFF time with my best friend). But I did manage to read a book, only one, but still! I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

And I will have my review on that up shortly. I have to work tomorrow so maybe Wednesday lol. Anyone that works in retail (as I do) knows that it generally wipes you out, so shoot for Wednesday.

In other news though. Last week I went to the movies...twice. Once was at what we call the $1 movies, which is actually $2 now (it used to be $1, but as times have changed, so has the price) and they usually show movies that are out of the major theaters, but not on DVD yet. So we went and saw Knowing. For all who don't remember that one, it's the Nicolas Cage movie where they open a time capsule from 50 years before, and they find the page full of numbers that correspond to major disasters in the world, and he tries to be the hero (as Nicolas Cage does in all his movies). Anyways it was good, it was odd, it was a stretch of the imagination. Most younger audiences probably would care for it, and depending on how much younger probably wouldn't understand it (no offence to anyone, it just takes a knowledge of some things that aren't really taught until later in school, unless you study independently). And if you are easily offended when it comes to religion, then it's not the movie for you (it takes different aspects of the whole apocalypse and creation stories from different religions and combines then)But in any case, I would recommend renting it. But it's not something I would personally buy.

Now the second movie we went to see was by far superior to Knowing. We went to see Up! Another one of Pixar's masterpieces, and OMG! I loved it! I think we have all either seen, heard, or read something about Up, so I will skip the whole summary thing and get right to my thoughts. I love, love, love it! I generally love Pixar's movies in the first place, but this movie has cemented itself as my third favorite Pixar movie (The first being Finding Nemo and the second being Toy Story). The characters were so adorable and funny, the animation is just awesome, and the dialogue is HI-larious! But I do feel that I must say that after the first 15 or so minutes, it did leave me a bit depressed, but that was quickly rectified. I also think that if you are taking a young child to see it, that they at least know that people do not live forever, and that people do eventually pass away (there was a young child in my theater that apparently didn't know this, and since most younger children have no concept of whispering , we all had to listen to her repeatedly ask about what happened, why, etc. and that can be quite distracting and unfair to other the other people in the theater) Now this is a movie I not only recommend buying (once it comes out on DVD), but I also recommend seeing it in theaters. It is one of those movies that has something for everyone!

I know this is kinda long...sorrys! But as long as I still have your attention (I hope), then I will tell you guys what I got this week in terms of books! By the way, the reason I don't do the weekly "In My Mailbox" posts like most bloggers' do, is because, well I don't always get new books every week lol. But...I could start doing it for the weeks I do actually get books...hmmm. I don't know. Maybes, I will peruse the thought and see what I can come up with.

This week I got four books!

  1. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
  2. Winter Wood by Steve Augarde
  3. Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley
  4. Ghostgirl: Homecoming by Tonya Hurley

So for my next book I will be reading Winter Wood, since that it a review book. It's a bit long, but I have a couple days off this week and so I should have some time to get some reading done. Well I think I have rambled long enough, and it's almost 5 AM so I better try to sleep a little bit. Bye bye guys!


*Edit* June 16, 2009
I know I said I would have The Forest of Hands and Teeth review up by last Wednesday....but I sorry. I haven't had a chance to get it done yet. My aunt and cousin came in from NY and that only happens like once a year, so I haven't had much time at home, much less near the computer. I am hoping to get it up tomorrow night (I mean it this time!) I have to take my sister to the doctor in the morning, so it will be when I get home. Thanks for your paitence guys!