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Rating System

Since everyone has a different way to rating books and that kind of thing, I thought it might be a good idea to explain my Rating System a bit.

4= Really liked it
3= Liked it
2= Not crazy about it
1= Not into it or couldn't finish

Three to five star ratings are good, and they are books I would recommend them.
Two stars are books that were okay, but I wouldn’t usually recommend them unless they were for someone specifically.

One star is for books that I didn’t like at all or were unable to finish. You probably won’t see many of these. It’s a rarity that I don’t finish a book or dislike one this much.

And my Overall rating is not based on an average of the other rating, it is basically how I felt overall after finishing the book. So even if the other pieces get three or four stars, a novel can still get an overall score of five stars.